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Popple River Construction

 At Popple River Buildings, we specialize in post-frame structures. We offer fully customizable plans to meet your exact needs. Quality materials and professional installation are standard with every project.

Browse our Photo Gallery for inspiration.

Call us at 715-229-7016 or fill out the Request A Quote form to get your building quote today!



 · Garages

 · Personal Shops

 · Recreational Buildings

 · Storage Buildings



 · Farm Shops

 · Equipment Sheds

 · Livestock Barns

 · Hay & Feed Storage


horse barn

 · Horse Stables

 · Riding Arenas

 · Pasture Shelters

 · Stalls & Wash Bays


commercial pole building

 · Warehouses

 · Manufacturing Shops

 · Retail Buildings

 · Storage Facilities

Areas That We Serve

Our primary service area is within a 2 hour drive from our hometown of Greenwood, WI.

We do occasionally travel farther, so don't be afraid to ask if you are outside of our service area.

Service Area Map
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